The P.A.I.N. Foundation is an organization dedicated where children and adults can combine an understanding of filmmaking through a series of short films with a domestic violence theme. Bringing greater awareness to the challenges of domestic violence in all of its forms and to heighten strategies for prevention, especially among teens. To help make a difference in the communities and around the nation.


Through a series of short films with a domestic violence theme; the producers will hire actors to portray the characters.  Auditions are now being held in Los Angeles, CA, Tulsa and Muskogee, OK. 


We are seeking sponsors to help provide financial assistance for movie packaging, graphic design and poster creation in addition to hiring a quality production team, cast and food catering.

We are giving women hope, healing and encouragement to Overcome, Feel Good and Move On. We are impacting their lives and providing a much needed source for everyone involved in the cycle of violence. We reach out to families who struggle with this issue throughout the United State because every 8 seconds someone is being abused, let's put a stop to it!

MISSION STATEMENT:  To educate women and teens in the community and schools about prevention and awareness of domestic violence in their relationships. This organization networks with other organizations to provide a means of escape and a safe place to start over and move on.


VISION STATEMENT: To teach teens in the communities to combine an understanding of filmmaking while making short films on the Theme of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.



The P.A.I.N. Foundation was founded by Author/Actress Patty McCall and Author/Producer Lisa Vombrack. The book titled, UNMASKING THE PAIN WITHIN, based on Patty McCalls true story is now available at bookstores worldwide.

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P.O. BOX 3779  MUSKOGEE, OK 74402

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